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7 Things to learn from our app startup – Part 2

This is the second part of a 7 day series titled “7 things to learn from our app startup”. You can view the first part here

Key Point: Streamline the Communication from Day 1.

With Cyphr we have a remote team. Some team members live closer than others, but for the most part we’re all spread out over different cities or states. The key to the success of any remote team is constantly improving communication. We got into a bad habit early on of each team member communicating differently, at different times, through different mediums. Sometimes we would call, sometimes we would email, or instant message, or text, or skype, or fax, or carrier pigeon (it was only once). The biggest problem was keeping up that level of chaotic communication. Do you want to reference something to someone else on the team? Good luck finding it! “Hmm was that in an email or on the phone? Was that in a text? Let me check the fax machine. Oh maybe I can find it in my Skype conversation from 12 weeks ago!” Two miserable, wasted, hours later and you still haven’t found it. What’s the solution? Streamline it! A few months ago we found a GREAT tool to streamline communication. We can create tasks, we can instant message, we can send files, we can group message, we can add clients. Our whole team can use this and use it efficiently. The best part, for our size company it was FREE! There are plenty of solutions out there you just have to look. Once we could educate the team on the benefits and uses of it, it has been pivotal in streamlining our communication to help alleviate any previous pain points.

Comment below and let us know what you took away from today’s message. Stay tuned for Part 3 of our series tomorrow!

admin7 Things to learn from our app startup – Part 2