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Why you should find your brand’s voice

With today’s ability to access technology easier, it seems like everyone you talk to is a part of a “tech startup”. The word “startup” seems like a new, trendy buzzword …

adminWhy you should find your brand’s voice
groupon alternatives for business

Inexpensive Groupon Alternatives

We’ve heard from a wide array of local businesses that were tempted to try Groupon as an incentive marketing platform to get in front of their customers. When asked what …

adminInexpensive Groupon Alternatives

The Secret Behind The Best PR Stunt @ SXSW2015

Originally posted via R.I.P. Groupon on 3/23/15 It’s no secret that Groupon isn’t exactly trending upwards, and in a stock market that has been trending upwards, that only means one …

adminThe Secret Behind The Best PR Stunt @ SXSW2015
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Who are(n’t) we?

As I began setting up our company profile on various sites, I started to see one question again, and again- “Who we are”. The answer to that question, is deeper …

adminWho are(n’t) we?

FEATURED: Why Groupon?

The most commonly asked question we’ve gotten over the last few weeks is “Why did you guys pick a fight with Groupon?” The short answer? We actually CARE about local …

adminFEATURED: Why Groupon?