Inspire loyalty to
your business
NOT to the deal

Reach customers where they are

Instantly access locals on the one device they are always looking at. How? When you send a Secret through Cyphr, the user receives it as a push notification right to their mobile device.

No Contracts

We don’t believe local businesses should be forced into long-term contracts, so we did away with them.

Stay top of mind

Sending Secrets helps accelerate brand awareness and allows you to stay top of mind when you choose.

Inspire Urgency

Each Secret sent through Cyphr is only viewable for 12 hours. If a user views and saves the Secret in the 12-hour window, they can bring it in before the expiration date. (This is why it’s called a Secret! If you miss it, it’s gone!)

Pay when it works

Why would any company collect cash and stand between a local merchant and their money? And take a 50% commission? We thought it was absurd too, so we made it simple. Cyphr has a $0.10 “Cost per view” model. When a user views your Secret, we charge $0.10. This ensures you never waste a dime on marketing. 100 people view your Secret? Yup, that’s just $10!

Save time

Re-running a Secret can be done in less then 30 seconds once you’ve logged in to your dashboard. Want to create a new Secret? No problem – setting up a Secret only takes 5-10 minutes.

Plan Ahead…or don’t

Cyphr allows you to build and schedule a Secret in advance. However, with the ease of resending or creating a new Secret, you can run last-minute Secrets as well. Rainy day? Need to drive customers. Send a Secret!

You Have the Power

That’s right, you’re in control. You choose when to send your Secret, the expiration date, the age and gender of who receives your Secret and the offer you want to run.

No Hardware or Software to Install

Nope, we won’t be sending a technician to come out and screw up your phone and internet system for 5 days. With Cyphr there is no hardware or software to install . How is this possible? We utilize in-app redemptions. A customer shows the cashier or employee their phone, and then your staff member presses the “REDEEM” button, and the customer pays you directly.

See Results

Within your dashboard you can see insights like how many users have unlocked your Secret, users by gender and age, your average view rate and more!

What types of local businesses does Cyphr work for?

Coffee Shops



Movie Theaters

Spas & Salons

Retail Stores


Food Trucks

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“Cyphr is a great way to reach new customers. It is low cost and easy to get started”

Leah Stewart
The Olive Branch

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