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Over 800,000 Secrets have been sent through Cyphr in the last 12 months.


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Did you know?

Your deals on Cyphr don’t have to just be a simple percentage off (Although they can be!)

Let’s say you need to unload some product before the end of the month. You could send a Secret that gives a discount on that product when they purchase one of your higher margin products. Want to drive people in the door? Send a Secret for buy one, get one free. This encourages the customer to spend more, or bring a friend. Be creative!

“Cyphr is a great way to reach new customers. It is low cost and easy to get started”

Leah Stewart
The Olive Branch

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Push Notifications

Cyphr allows you to communicate directly with the users who have unlocked your business on the app. Let them know when they can unlock a new Secret!


Every Secret has a duration. Think of the duration as a timer that you set. When the time runs out, the Secret is no longer available. This gives you control of who actually gets to see your Secret and builds a sense of urgency! See now why we call it a Secret?

your business


Cyphr makes it super simple to redeem a Secret. No more hardware to buy or software to run, just click the redeem button on your favorite customers smartphone when they bring in your Secret and abra cadabra, it’s redeemed! This makes it easier for everyone! Shouldn’t everything be this simple?


Every business has times that are busy, and times that aren’t busy enough. Sometimes you can predict those times, sometimes you cannot. Cyphr gives you the ability to schedule Secrets whenever you want. If you want to “turn up” on a Tuesday night, you can do that! This gives you the ability to control when you want to drive more business. It’s your Secret, you share it when YOU want!


Stop wondering how well your marketing is working. We will show you everything that happens from how many views your Secret received, to how many people actually redeemed your Secret, and everything in between. No more wondering if it’s working or not… It’s your Secret, you deserve to know how its working


Refine demographics to choose who can receive your Secret. Send out Secrets based on age, gender, and more!



per view

Let’s say you send a Secret to 1,000 users who have unlocked your business and meet your selected target demographics, and 250 people view your Secret before the duration expires. You’ll only pay $25. (That’s 10¢ x the 250 users who viewed it.) You only pay when people actually see it!

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