Design Your Own Secrets

We’ve created a template for companies who wish to design their own “Secrets”. The template is pretty straightforward, however, we have included additional instructions on this page for your convenience.

The Template

05At the bottom of this page you’ll find a link to download this template, and a sample Secret for you to use as a reference. We have set up this template as a guide to make sure your Secrets are compatible with various iphone models. Notice on the image, there is two main sections. Those are called the “Safe Area”, and the “Bleed Area”.

The “Safe Area” is the area in your design where all your content will go. The Secret’s information, your company logo, and a phone number, address, or other information if applicable.

The “Bleed Area” is what your background image should fill. No important content, text, or relative information should be placed within this area. It may get cut off, or covered by the Secrets icons if there is text placed outside of the “Safe Area”.

Sample Secret

You will see here in the example of “Vinny’s Pizza Palace” there is a redeemable secret for “50% off any pizza this weekend only”. All of the important content, including their phone number and address, is within the “Safe Area”

The Secret in use

This is an example of the flow from a blank Secret template, to a designed Secret, to how it looks when viewed on the phone, with the icons overlayed.

The Icons

03 04 Cyphr appends a set of icons to a Secret based on whether it is “redeemable” or “non-redeemable”. You do not need to add these in your design. Your Key Executive will help you establish which type of Secret you’re sending when they set up your Secrets within our system. Be sure not to put any information below the “Bleed Area” to prevent the risk of overlap from the icons.

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