We have an “it runs in our veins”
kind of passion for local businesses

We’re kind of like that “crazy ex” from college,
except the only thing we’re crazy about is helping local businesses.

We built a platform that actually
HELPS local businesses.

Cyphr sounds like it’s too good to be true, because it solves so many pain points local businesses have. That’s no surprise, because we actually listened to REAL feedback from REAL local merchants (and always will). Our competitors focus on improving their business. Cyphr focuses on improving your business.

There’s no contract to make you stay because we built something you WANT to keep using!

Cyphr is a mobile app that allows you to send time-sensitive “Secrets” to users who unlock your business. A Secret is an incentive that is only viewable for 12 hours. If a user views it in the 12-hour window, they can save it and bring it in to redeem before the expiration date.

Unlike our competition, we create loyalty to YOUR BUSINESS, not to the deal.

When you send a Secret, you’re in control

Here are a couple of ideas that work:


Offer a discount on a high-margin item



Require the purchase of an item first


Move inventory to create room for new products


You only pay when it works

When a user views your Secret, it costs $0.10
This ensures you
never waste a dime on marketing.


Unlock Your Business

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