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Why We Created Cyphr

One afternoon in early November 2013, we sat down to catch up and discuss several things. One thing on our agenda: to discuss how we could further our business development for our branding and web design firm. Not long into the meeting, the conversation shifted to how the current advertising methods were very ineffective and how billions of dollars were wasted every year. We talked at length about how companies spend so much money trying to reach the masses, and how the majority didn’t even care about them.

We asked ourselves – How could we solve this problem? Is there a better way? Could we develop it?

We knew there had to be a solution that would create a win-win scenario for both the consumer and the business. After several hours of brainstorming we had the beginnings of an idea – to build an app that would allow businesses to communicate with its favorite customers at a time and place that was relevant to them.

If you know us, you’d know we’re passionate about new ideas. But even from the beginning we knew this one was special. Originally we named the project “Secret.” We thought it was catchy because companies could share secrets with their favorite customers. We really liked the name but were disappointed when we realized that we would be sharing the name with a women’s deodorant brand! We knew there was value in the concept of businesses sharing secrets with only their most loyal customers. So we decided to keep that concept present within the app by naming the messages sent from the businesses to the customers “secrets”.

Cyphr was created to bring back the value of relevance. No one wants to be bombarded with solicitation. Cyphr delivers only the most relevant updates from businesses chosen specifically by the user. The end result is businesses know their messages are being delivered to a relevant audience, and users don’t have to wade through spam to find offers they want most.

We’re know that Cyphr will work, and it will make a major impact on the relationship between consumers and their favorite businesses. The real question – is are you ready to be a part of our journey? We look forward to sharing this journey with the people that believe in us and know that Cyphr will make a dent in this world!

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