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Why you should find your brand’s voice

With today’s ability to access technology easier, it seems like everyone you talk to is a part of a “tech startup”. The word “startup” seems like a new, trendy buzzword for the last decade, however, if you think about it every business, ever created, at some point was a startup. With such clutter in the tech world, how do you differentiate yourself from other startups?

You’ve heard it thousands of times before: “tell your story”. Well, at Cyphr, one of our core values is “be simple”. We always try to refine things down to it’s simplest state. So “telling your story”, is great, but it’s simpler then that: Find your brand’s voice. We knew early on we had to find “our voice”. Unfortunately, knowing, and doing, can be two different things. As a founder, your voice can become cluttered as the business grows. You become disillusioned that your brand voice is the “new feature” you just released, or the “new color of Widget ABC” that you now offer. This train of thought is like quicksand, and the more you go down this path the more you’ll sink into the clutter of everyone else.

With us, we have created a product that has so many benefits for both sides, the business, and the user. The user can control who sends them deals. The business can select an age or gender to send it to. The user gets awesome exclusive offers. The business can select when they want to send the deal out. We could go on and on about the benefits for both sides. The problem is, these are features and benefits, but they don’t clearly express WHO WE ARE.

Why does this matter? Because people care about people, not the bells are whistles. For Cyphr, people love us because we care about local business.

Our voice is one simple thing: We love local businesses.

It’s what we stand for. This isn’t just a saying, this is the belief, this is the culture that Cyphr is shaped around. Having a voice is more than crafting a message to get attention, it’s about what you’re brand is willing to fight for. Think about your brand like a tree. You’ve planted this seed, now you need to water it, and strive to make the roots grow deep, and strong. With Cyphr, we’re constantly working to ingrain our brand within every local city across the country. Why? Because we believe that local business is the backbone of America. To prove that we want to see local businesses succeed, we’ve structured our business in a way that local businesses only pay when it works. Businesses like Groupon suck money out of the local economy when they take their 50% commission on every deal. So the more people that use Groupon, the more they hurt their local economy.

You should always strive to find your brand’s voice. Whether a tech startup, or a local company, you started for a reason, and that reason needs to resonate with everything you do.

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adminWhy you should find your brand’s voice