The Secret Behind The Best PR Stunt @ SXSW2015

Originally posted via R.I.P. Groupon on 3/23/15

It’s no secret that Groupon isn’t exactly trending upwards, and in a stock market that has been trending upwards, that only means one thing…

An unfortunate situation for the company, BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s the end for the local business owners who want to try to leverage incentive marketing and communicate with their favorite customers.

Luckily, local businesses now have a better, more viable option. A Texas based startup, called Cyphr, launched an app to help provide a better option to local business owners wanting an alternative to Groupon’s broken business model.

In case you missed it, Cyphr laid to rest any discrepancy about their ability to serve as a better option to Groupon customers. Literally.

At SXSW 2015 in Austin Texas, they executed a guerrilla marketing campaign known as #RIPGroupon.

All part of an effort to inform people that the publicly traded daily deal site was “on it’s way out”. The company had a hearse that drove around downtown Austin with the message of #RIPGroupon plastered on its windows, accompanied by bagpipe funeral-esque music. The hearse was seen leading a processional of vehicles, all toting similar messages and music. The company passed out thousands of invitations which granted access to the memorial service for the company to commemorate it’s loss against IPO disease. The service was to be held on the Congress bridge, where they would bid them farewell and spread their ashes.

People attended the service and shared their joy of the news that the daily deal company was on the decline.

Didn’t notice the PR stunt? With so much clutter at SXSW, sometimes the best effort is in a silent, mysterious approach. After all, sometimes the best message isn’t in the noise, but in a Secret. After the event people were tweeting, snapping, sharing on Facebook, all asking the same questions: “Who was it? Who buried Groupon?”

Why did Cyphr take this approach? It’s who they are. Really, by definition, it’s in their name. Definition of Cyphr: 1: the key to a secret message; 2: a message in code. This definitely had all the workings of a cryptic message everyone had to try and de-“cyphr.”

Could they be the effective replacement Groupon merchants have been searching for? They definitely have the desire to take them down… only time will tell.
Follow Cyphr on twitter and keep up with their mission to help local businesses!

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