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Who are(n’t) we?

As I began setting up our company profile on various sites, I started to see one question again, and again- “Who we are”. The answer to that question, is deeper than it looks, and inspired me to write this post. It seems as though people often lead conversations to try to get to the bottom of the “who are you?”, as if seeking to confirm some type of “pedigree”, and if you don’t have that, you’re disregarded. Look at some of the greatest innovators and entrepreneurs, who started with no special pedigree backing them, odds against them, just working day in, and day out. Ambition and perseverance can outweigh any university name on a piece of paper. While getting to know someone is important, I think it’s equally important for you to know who we, as a team, ARE NOT.

We are not from Silicon Valley, Silicon Hills, or Wall Street
We are from small towns, where local businesses help the economy thrive. We were not raised in a tech hub, nor did we have the advantages or opportunities early on that those cities offer. We built Cyphr to where it is today by investing our time and effort to give local businesses the opportunity to compete against national brands for their favorite customers attention.

We don’t come from money
Everything we have done has been on a shoestring budget. We work hard everyday to improve Cyphr and to help local businesses. Since day one we have always sought to create a model that would benefit both users AND local businesses.

We are not looking to go public
We don’t want to suffer from IPO disease like some of those who have gone before us. What’s IPO disease? In short, it’s when a company goes public, and from then on cares nothing except quarterly profits. Why does this matter? We want local businesses to succeed. We want to provide them with the best option. Once “appeasing investors” becomes your main concern, your vision becomes blurred on what is best for the local business.

We ARE local business fanatics
We love local. What else can we say? We know that local businesses are the backbone of this country! It fuels the American dream!

We believe local business success benefits the entire country
The more opportunities local businesses create the more people can be placed in local jobs!

We do believe you only get what you earn
At Cyphr, we all come from parents with hardworking backgrounds. Parents that taught us the value of the dollar. We believe that

Things we love:
That local pizza joint with the best deep dish in the entire county.
Grabbing a beer with friends at a place where the owners pour your beer.
Supporting the local salon and spa that was started by two best friends after college.
Yoga instructors who left corporate America and are pursuing their dream.
The local coffee shop who draws you a picture in your cappuccino (you know, the hearts, or the faces…)
The triathlete who opened a shop to support his dreams and get others to follow theirs.
The Italian restaurant run by a family with the best meatball recipe EVER!
The BBQ joint that still serves Mamaw’s pudding.
The craftsman who launched his business after he was laid off in 2008.

We don’t have the pedigree for this, we are normal people

We built it for users AND businesses strive to make it a better world for both!
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