Cyphr Secret Competition

The contest is simple, help your favorite businesses save money and increase sales by sending you and your friends Secrets through Cyphr. Are you tired of missing out on deals and specials from your favorite local businesses? Do you wish there was a way to find out about the best deals around town from businesses you actually care about? Then you will love Cyphr like the thousands of users who already have the app!

Imagine all the things you could do with $10,000.
Click here for a few ideas!

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• To qualify, an organization must be officially chartered by the University it is associated with and must be a registered Non-Profit Organization.

• Each organization must acquire three (3) businesses to qualify for the grand prize

• All organizations must collectively acquire 100 businesses for the grand prize to be awarded. In the event that there are not 100 businesses by the completion of the competition, prizes will be awarded based on calculations by Cyphr App, LLC. (i.e. 75 business = $7,500 grand prize). However, Cyphr App, LLC. is under no obligation to award any prizes if the minimums are not satisfied.

• A businesses/organization that has signed up and paid should not be re-approached. A business can have only one account, but can be listed in multiple cities.

• By signing, you agree that this is not an official event sponsored by the University or the national headquarters for your organization, therefore no solicitations may be made claiming the contest is sponsored or approved by either entity.

• These rules apply solely to this contest and are not applicable to similar contests.

• Business must apply coupon code with initial signup for respective organization to receive credit.

• Competition will begin on date determined by Cyphr App, LLC which will differ per location and end on date determined by Cyphr App, LLC which will differ per location (Most competitions will last for approximately 40-45 days). Winner will be announced and prizes will be awarded within 10 days following the completion of the competition.

• Geographic area restricted according to area set forth by Cyphr App, LLC. Businesses that sign up must be in the specified geographic area for that specific competition to count for purposes of the competition. Exceptions can be made with written request via email to: Email should be titled: “Geographic Exceptions.” Approval may be granted by Cyphr App, LLC.”

• Businesses must pay the Initiation Fee for each city where they wish to be listed.

• Businesses must setup initial offer and schedule no less than one (1) Secret before the end of the contest to count. Some exceptions may apply.
• Each organization must fill out and submit application and may enter the contest at any time

• Each organization must have official representation at one (1) or more “Secret” Interest Meetings. Some exceptions may apply.

• Organization must request approval for any/all self-designed items representing Cyphr which includes but is not limited to: Graphics, Postcards, Flyers, Business Cards, Clothing, Website design, etc.
• No one affiliated with any organization during or after this contest is considered an employee of Cyphr App, LLC. Organizations and their constituents have no rights, claims, or obligations to Cyphr App, LLC.

• Rules and regulations can change at any point with written notice, effective immediately

• Cyphr App, LLC is not held liable for what the organization chooses to do with the winnings.

• Odds of winning are based off the total number of organizations who have applied and is determined solely by the effort and abilities of the organizations involved. There is no chance involved.

• Anyone affiliated in any way with organizations in the competition is banned from creating a reasonably similar application/business during the competition and for the following twelve (12) months from the conclusion of the competition. The Organization and individual(s) involved will be held legally liable.

By signing and submitting your application you agree that you and your organizations constituents will adhere to these rules and regulations and are held responsible if any rules or regulations are not adhered to correctly. You release Cyphr App, LLC and its members from liability and agree that your organization will seek arbitration in the event of litigious activity. You also agree that you and your organizations constituents are and will continue to be awesome.

By checking this box you agree to Rules and Regulations. I also agree I have the authority to sign up for the competition on behalf of my organization and we desire to be involved in the competition.



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